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TCL Logistics was established in 1997 in response to the growing popularity of standardized shipping platform programs, namely in regard to CPC and CHEP pallets in the food and beverage production industry. Companies were facing ever-increasing costs and were looking for third party expertise to help them solve these complex logistical challenges. With that goal in mind TCL Logistics quickly established itself as a leading expert in pallet management and retrieval.

Since then we have grown steadily and now enjoy the confidence of dozens of long-term customers, ranging from small regional companies to large multi-national firms. We enjoy a strong and positive reputation because each program we implement is designed specifically for the individual customer whether they operate from a single location or from multiple shipping points. Our clients include manufacturers, brokers, third-party warehouses, transport companies, and other logistics providers.

And thanks to a proven track record in pallet management our services have grown to include the management of just about any returnable shipping platform our customers ship on. This includes such things as returnable plastic totes and breakdown industrial bins. Further, our reputation, among industry has seen our services grow from pallet program management into the consulting arena, providing companies with our observations and expertise to implement change within their own distribution system.

In 2004 TCL Logistics completed the acquisition of The Pallet Bureau and all its assets to become Canada's largest employer of container tracking and management professionals, providing a reliable, flexible outsourced alternative for a variety of businesses and their management and retrieval needs.

Some of TCL Logistics' clients:

J.M. Schneiders Foods
Robin Hood (now J.M. Smucker's)
Petro Canada
Dare Foods
Associated Brands
Maple Leaf
Effem Foods
Ocean Spray
And many more

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