What kind of services do you offer?

TCL Logistics can provide you with any service you desire - from a single consultation on controlling your pallets or totes to a full tracking and management program for any reusable returnable shipping product.

I need to make a decision between the CPC and CHEP pallet programs. Can you help with this decision?

TCL Logistics is an independent company that can offer unbiased information on both programs from real experience. We can help you analyze the costs of each program in regards to your business and we can help with the implementation and/or management of either program.

How much does your service cost?

TCL Logistics individually tailors a different program for each of our customers and therefore there is no one set price. For complete tracking and management services we base a monthly fee on the number of container transactions per month as well as the number and type of shippers and receivers your company deals with. For analysis and consultation we provide an estimate based on the time it will take to complete the project.

My shipments use a very unique container, which is non-standard and only used by my company and our customers. Can my company use your services?

Yes. At TCL Logistics we have many customers who use unique shipping materials that they want to recover for reuse. We will work with you and your customers and suppliers to provide a program tailored to your needs.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. TCL Logistics has a solid track record of customer satisfaction. We will provide you with a written quote with the terms of our service and there is no long-term commitment on your part.

Does TCL Logistics provide transportation, supply, repair or storage services?

Yes and no. At TCL Logistics we can provide transportation services within the Greater Toronto Area for the purpose of picking up and dropping off empty pallets or other reusable containers through the use of our fleet of trucks.

We are not directly involved in storage, supply or repair services but through our years in business have developed relationships with a reliable network of related businesses. TCL Logistics can assist in sourcing out those companies that best suit your business needs.

I use a third party logistics provider for my company's warehouse and distribution needs. How can TCL Logistics help me?

Many companies face skyrocketing costs due to poor pallet control by their warehouse and distribution suppliers. Whether it is hidden in the overall price or out in the open in a cost plus arrangement, the customer always ends up footing the bill for poor pallet control. TCL Logistics can work with your logistics partners to ensure that you get the best service at the lowest cost.

What can TCL Logistics offer my company that we cannot do in-house?

Successful companies have learned to stick with their core specialties and let somebody else handle the rest. TCL Logistics is a specialized company that only tracks and manages reusable containers. As the largest firm of this kind in Canada we never take our eye off your container tracking and management needs because that is our sole business.
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