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For companies using CHEP pallets and totes, TCL Logistics offers a unique auditing service to ensure accuracy and control costs. With our proprietary software we are able to track our client's CHEP shipments and ensure they receive accurate credit for all their shipments.

TCL Logistics developed this service in response to shippers who told us they enjoy the conveniences of the CHEP program but their costs seemed high and their pallet and tote inventory levels were never in sync with CHEP's records. They found that using CHEP pallets and totes can have benefits but still needs hands-on management. That management comes in the form of capturing all information on outgoing and incoming shipments and comparing that with what appears on their regular invoice from CHEP.

Companies love using TCL Logistics' CHEP auditing service because we perform an important function that is often overlooked in many organizations. Many companies are proud of their accounts payable process, which properly reviews and verifies most invoices. But verifying the invoices from CHEP is time consuming and almost impossible for even the most experienced accounts payable staff and most shipping and warehouse managers do not have time to help in this process. Even companies with excellent internal quality controls fail to meet their own standards when it comes to verifying their CHEP shipment activity.

TCL Logistics' auditing service works for all types of CHEP users from those with sophisticated enterprise systems that capture all their shipment information and send it electronically to CHEP to those users who record everything manually. Our software allows us to capture the information on all our client's incoming and outgoing shipments and store them in our database. When our client receives their invoice from CHEP they forward a copy to us and we are able to quickly and efficiently provide them with a full report of which outbound shipments they have not received credit on, which shipments have mismatched quantities and which inbound shipments are unverified. Furthermore, we are able to keep track of shipments that may have happened last week but for various reasons may not show up as a credit on their CHEP invoice for several weeks or even months.

If you think your company is spending too much on their CHEP pallet or tote program or if you are not carefully double-checking your shipments against your CHEP invoice then you need TCL Logistics' CHEP auditing service. With our service, clients can truly enjoy the full benefits of the CHEP program while maintaining quality controls on costs and inventory levels!

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